Comments on tax reform:

Sheldon Cohen (a Democrat, IRS commissioner 1965-69): The Treasury officials ``have done a first-rate technical job. I basically like it.'' Donald C. Alexander (a Republican, IRS commissioner 1972-76): ``I am in favor of tax simplification and lower rates. There is much good in the Treasury proposals.''

Jerome Kurtz (a Democrat, IRS commissioner 1977-80): ``Without going into every detail, I think it is an absolutely first-rate piece of work. If it were the law, the country would be a lot better off than it is today.''

John S. Nolan (former deputy assistant Treasury secretary for tax policy): ``I am generally in favor of it.''

Emil Sunley (held same job as Nolan): ``The document itself is incredibly impressive. It is a coherent, consistent piece of work.''

Dr. Walter W. Heller (chairman of Council of Economic Advisers 1961-64): ``Basically, it is a fine proposal, especially if there is any chance it is enacted en masse in its rather balanced fashion. It carries out the basics of what those who have labored in the tax vineyards have waited for for a long time. It does promote equity. It does provide simplification. It does elect market advantage over tax advantage.''

Joseph Pechman (Brookings Institution economist, author of several books on taxes): ``It is excellent. It is in the tradition of tax reform proposals. It is a very informative and forthright plan.''

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