`PS 85 calling'

WE note that a Chicago high school principal is making wakeup calls to students who are chronically tardy. As high school students we, too, could have used a principal's wakeup service. Especially the morning we threw on our clothes so fast we forgot a shirt under the all-encompassing overcoat.

Men find adulthood little different. Millions of American males hurtle into their offices on time only because they can do three things at once: shave, leap into their trousers, and inhale breakfast.

Women somehow are better organized, perhaps because so many have spent years juggling the demands of children, job, housework, and husband.

Men have matured in one way, though. Unlike student days, now they'd welcome a wakeup call.

No, no: not Monday through Friday. Call Saturday, please -- there's lots to do around the house. ----30--{et

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