Quotable quotes

Matt Furjanic, coach of the Marist men's basketball team, on a new college rule restricting coaches to a 28-foot area on the sidelines: ``I feel like a baby again. It is like being punished in a playpen for 40 minutes.'' Gary Player assessing the talents of Lee Trevino in Golf Digest: ``He's the greatest driver of the ball I know, and he hits his irons so straight he has to lean over sideways to see the flag.''

Marv Harshman, coach of the University of Washington's basketball team, commenting on a Pac-10 trend toward smaller, quicker players: ``I still like the idea of having a big guy. Quick guys get tired. Big guys don't shrink.''

Comedian Bob Hope: ``I enjoy playing golf with astronauts. They teach me to count backwards.''

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