Seurat sings

More light! (dabs assiduously, delicately attacking the area he is painting) Color and light. There's only color and light. Yellow and white. Just blue and yellow and white. (addressing the woman he is painting) Look at the air, miss -- (dabs at the space in front of her) See what I mean? No, look over there, miss -- (dabs at her eye, checks it) That's done with green . . .

These are a few lines from Mr. Sondheim's lyrics ( 1984 Revelation Music Publishing Corporation and Rilting Music Inc.) in the current Broadway musical ``Sunday in the Park with George.'' The title echoes the name of the painting ``Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte'' (top photo below), by Georges Seurat, whose work in black and white is discussed on the opposite page. The painting is brought to life on the stage by the company pictured in the bottom photo. In the scene sampled above, the artist is in his studio and the Sondheim score offers a kind of musical Pointillism to go with his brush strokes.

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