Soviet in Turkey: kisses but no communique

Contrary to expectations, no joint communique was issued last week as Soviet Prime Minister Nikolai Tikhonov and his 90-member delegation left Turkey for home.

Soviet and Turkish diplomats reportedly worked until early in the morning on the wording of a draft, but failed to agree on certain points.

It is understood that the Soviets categorically opposed any reference to the occupation of Afghanistan (on which the Turks insisted).

They also rejected the Turks' proposed wording on Turkey's conflict with Greece in the Aegean Sea, namely over territorial waters and the militarization of the Greek islands.

The Turks, for their part, refused to accept the wording proposed by the Soviets on nuclear disarmament and accusations against the United States.

This showed that the Turks are not prepared to accept the Soviet views on major international issues. And the Soviets, in turn, apparently do not want to commit themselves on the issue of the Aegean, where it is in their interest to keep their hands off because of their strengthening ties with Greece.

The main achievement of Prime Minister Tikhonov's visit was the signing of a trade agreement, as the Turks had expected.

Still, the Soviets were happy to find a friendly atmosphere.

As a sign of this new friendship, Prime Minister Tikhonov kissed Turkish Prime Minister Turgut Ozal twice as he said goodbye and said, ''See you in Moscow next year.''

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