Christmas in Lionelville

''I tell you this is no model railroad - It's my toy train - And if you call it 'Model Railroad' Or 'Scale Model Empire' one more time, I won't let you play with it! Years ago, those electric switches cost me A hundred mornings of freezing my feet, Delivering papers before most kids Were even out of bed. Watch what Happens when I push this button . . . Electromagnets - they do it all. Look, you man the electric switches, I'll do the manuals, and we'll run The figure eight and then the oval. That? It used to turn and pick up logs And dump them on a special car. I've got to Solder it again this year - Watch out! You've got to be quick on the switches. And I love that coal loading platform. What? Oh, I know what it's worth - You've told me a thousand times, but - We've got to slow down on that curve or We'll lose it in the farmyard. All those buildings snap together, every year, And the cars - I suppose Some collector would love them. Now bring her slowly into town. Slowly, slowly, slowly to the station . . . See? That's the town where I used to live.''

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