Making a Good Kid

This article is for parents, but children can read it too. These are suggestions to make a healthy, smart and well-behaved child. If you haven't done something on this list, try doing it before it's too late.

1. Take your child on trips besides Grandma's house -- such as museums, to open the doors of the world to him.

2. Help with school subjects, including the alphabet and numbers. This will help him learn. If he recites numbers or alphabet incorrectly, recite it for him again, only correctly.

3. Have a pet in the house, and teach your kids not to hurt the pet,and how to feed and take care of it.

4. Give your child good, safe toys and good books, so they don't get hurt and also learn to read good stories.

5. Let your kids watch good television shows. Educational television helps them learn. Bad television can cause kids to fight, lie, and not be smart.

6. Read aloud to your child. Kids love to have a bedtime story read to them. Do it. It will help them.

7. Do sports with your child which are not done at school, such as skiing, skating, swimming, and many more. This will give them exercise and open the world of sportsmanship to them.

8. Open the world of music to them. After you have introduced them to music, ask them if they would like to learn to play an instrument. This can also make them smarter.

9. Let your kids come to your jobs, so they can see what work is like.

10. If your child has certain fears, try to reassure him.

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