Keith Jarrett trio soars in new album 'Flying'

''Changes,'' Keith Jarrett, piano; Gary Peacock, bass; Jack DeJohnette, drums. (ECM 25007-1E.) - This is the second album of this recently formed trio. The first, ''Standard,'' which was previously reviewed in this column, confined itself to interpretations of songs associated with the jazz repertoire, and, in a way, acted as a springboard for this vastly more abstract recording. These are Jarrett's compositions, and there are only two of them on the album: ''Flying'' Parts 1 and 2, which occupies the entire first side and most of the second side, and ''Prisms,'' a shorter piece.

''Flying'' wends its way through several moods, ushered in by Jarrett's probing solo introduction. DeJohnette enters with a quiet, urgent rhythm, which Jarrett eventually echoes behind Peacock's first solo. Later the mood changes, and Peacock solos lyrically over gentle chords from Jarrett. Side 2 opens with a funky swinging groove, marred only by Jarrett's strange vocalizing, which distracts from the riveting beauty of the music. DeJohnette's approach to his instrument is ultrasensitive, and his drums have a warm, muted sound.

One hopes these three will stay together. Not since the Bill Evans trios has there been a piano trio so well integrated. The style is altogether different (more abstract, rhythmically more ''classical'' than Evans), but the approach is the same. Jarrett has a knack for developing a little germ of an idea into a multifaceted pallette of sound and color, and Peacock and DeJohnette not only respond but contribute as well.

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