A special date

Recently I moved to the suburbs. Until then my roots had been in New York City. This particular day heavy rain clouds darkened the sky. Moving and adjusting to my new unfamiliar surroundings had been a challenge. I felt forlorn, and I was in a reflective mood when the ringing of the phone startled me. The voice that responded to my ''hello'' was like exquisite music.

''How are you?'' was my flustered question.

''Fine. I'm sorry I can't talk to you now - as much as I'd like to. I'm very busy. I just want to know if I can have a date with you. I'd like to take you to lunch tomorrow.''

''I'd be delighted,'' was my eager reply.

''I'm glad. I'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 1.''

When I put the phone down, I felt as though I had suddenly acquired wings and was soaring above the rain clouds. I hadn't had a date for a long time, and to have a date with someone I considered special was exhilarating.

I immediately went to my wardrobe to select my most becoming outfit.

The next morning abounded with expectations. I was ready long before 1 o'clock. I hoped he would be pleased with the way I looked.

The lunch was delicious, and being with him was heartwarming. When the waitress handed him the check, I said, ''Give it to me, Jeremy. I'll pay it.''

''Oh, Grandma!'' he exclaimed. ''You're offending me. It's my pleasure to treat you. Up to now, you've always been treating me.''

''OK, darling. I'm sorry I offended you.''

I watched as those dear young hands removed the money from his wallet - money he had earned during the summer at camp as a swimming instructor.

''I hope you enjoyed your lunch, Grandma.''

''I certainly did, darling - and I love you very much.''

''I love you, too, Grandma. We'll do it again the next time I'm home from school.''

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