Food stores move to install automated cash outlets

A recent addition to the proliferation of quick-cash outlets is the installation of automated cash-issuing machines in the stores of national supermarket chains.

Safeway Stores Inc. has about 250 automated cash dispensers operating mostly in its Texas and Washington, D.C., stores. The food-and-housewares chain expects to have the machines installed in most of its northern California stores by early September.

Advantages for consumers, according to supermarket officials, are the longer ''money-getting'' hours in a protected area and the convenience of money, food, and household needs all at one location. Another advantage is the wider selection of financial organizations.

About 150 smaller banks, some savings-and-loans, and some money-market security dealers are joining Safeway in the new venture.

Financial partners in the cash-dispenser system are charged a fee for each transaction by the installer of the system, Automated Transmissions Systems of Los Angeles. Safeway in each case receives part of the fee as reimbursement.

For cash withdrawals, or account transfers, a special card from the institution where the account is and a personal identification number are needed.

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