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... I have spoken of the Reagan-Bush team. It is a genuine team.... When our President asks George Bush to help him with legislation, he knows that the vice-president served in Congress for four years and for the last four years has been president of the Senate.

While our President was leading us to an unprecedented economic recovery, he called on a successful businessman, George Bush, to reduce regulations and save the consumers and businesses $150 billion over a 10-year period. When the President and America need an experienced vice-president to help maintain our hard-fought peace, we need a vice-president who knows what he's doing - a vice-president like George Bush....

When America sends its vice-president to sit across the table from the leaders of the Soviet Union, I sure feel better knowing that George Bush was the director of the CIA....

During his many years of service to our country, he has earned an impeccable reputation for integrity.

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