Shifts in energy-saver taxes

For the past several years, many states plus the federal government have been giving generous tax concessions to residents who installed energy-saving equipment - storm windows, heat-reflective materials, clock thermostats, and a wide range of other, similar items and equipment.

But recently several states have narrowed their original table of tax-credit items under this type of statute, and several have removed some articles altogether.

Residents - both homeowners and tenants - should check with local utilities beforehand to determine whether the proposed energy-saving renovation equipment will still qualify for present tax credits.

In general, some basic items are still considered favorably for this treatment. These include wall, ceiling, and water-heater insulation; weatherstripping; low-flow shower heads; sealing and caulking intallations; swimming pool and tub covers; cooling ventilators; and certain types of heat pumps.

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