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Polish protesters celebrate a 1920 victory over Soviets

Some 1,500 protesters staged an illegal pro-Solidarity demonstration Wednesday in Warsaw to mark the 64th anniversary of a victorious Polish military campaign against the Soviet Union. There were no arrests.

Wojciech Ziembinski, a veteran dissident and civil rights campaigner, led a crowd to the tomb of the unknown soldier, carrying a wreath draped in the national colors and bearing the inscription ''In Honor of the Polish Soldier Who Died for Poland's Independence.'' He recalled the Aug. 15 anniversary of the 1920 offensive by Polish troops under the command of Marshal Jozef Pilsudzki that rebuffed an attempted Soviet invasion of Poland.

In Czestochowa, meanwhile, 300,000 Roman Catholic pilgrims waved Solidarity banners and sang ''God give us a free Poland,'' during an Assumption Day celebration.

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