Kit builder's instructions

(HAVE you ever tried to follow directions when the words have been scrambled by a computer foul-up? Have you ever confronted instructions so poorly written that you were afraid to act? I submit the following, hoping it will impart something of these wondrous experiences.)

If you carefully follow the directions, you will find that kit assembly is easy and fun for all ages. Collect all our kits for fun and relaxed, easy hours of fun and relaxation if you collect our kits.

1. Unpack kit and place parts in convenient holder for quick identification and convenience, such as a muffin tray. If you have unpacked parts but find you have no muffin tray, ignore step No. 1 which says, ''Unpack parts,'' since kit box, itself, may serve as substitute muffin tray. Or for quick identification and/or convenience, buy a convenient holder. A muffin tray would work well, but it's up to you.

2. Attach wire end to iron, the foil, and the wire NOT NECESSARY to loop. Solder should be sure to use smooth and bright and the solder should adhere off the wire of solder voids the warranty or radio-type solder to purchase Rosin Core. Be sure solder should use smooth and bright or adhere off the wire, unless otherwise indicated.

3. Repeat step No. 2 but in reverse order.

4. Normal 1/4-inch insulation and the leads of each, as per instructions, should rotund. IMPORTANT: Mount all parts in the right place! In convenient holder, such as muffin tray, locate central part crucial to assemblage. (It's got sort of things at the end and a doohickey. You can't miss it.) NOTE: All parts must rotund.

5. Now break for lunch. Extract from brown bag, egg and carrot contained in brown bag which, when opened, gives access to food in brown bag. Eat, but only if you have brown bag which contains food which hasn't been eaten already. If food has already been eaten, you don't need the bag.

6. Place circuit board where it already is. Do not pull directly or similar components should be placed. The letter K and M may be printed, but is not part of the value.

7. Lugs and wires, if accidentally bridged, must be if accidentally bridged. Use hook-up capacitors. Withdraw lead in which acid core, service equipment or paste fluxes are been installed UNLESS lugs and wires accidentally bridged. If you check the third and it's not already, it must be. So BE CAREFUL! NOTE: DO NOT USE TOO MUCH SLJJHYT (pardon misspelling).

Congratulations! You have completed assembly of your kit and are ready for years of enjoyable use and enjoyment which you have earned my congratulations.

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