Controlling the left upper arm will help build consistency

Recently I remarked on the value of ''the Upper Arms Swing.'' Today I want to concentrate for a moment on the left upper arm. It will pay many golfers who are inconsistent to do the same thing - i.e. to concentrate on the left upper arm.

For it is possible to control the clubface with the left upper arm. And for some folk this is far safer than controlling it with the left hand or left wrist.

As one swings back, the clubface can be steadily and evenly ''opened'' by moving the left upper arm. Or it can be held constant, with no turn or roll of the arm. Or it can be turned down - hooded - again by quiet movements originating in the upper left arm.

On the downswing it can always be brought ''square'' by movement of the left upper arm. The movement is very slight. Thus it is easily controllable. A few trial swings without a club will assure the reader that this is so.

A swing in which the upper left arm slowly, and slightly, turns clockwise on the backswing and evenly ''unwinds'' on the throughswing will probably suit most people.

But everyone should do his own thing. Just try doing it with the left upper arm in control, that's all.

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