A quick, easy-to-make fruit sherbet

Imagine a frosty sherbet bursting with true fruit flavor, better tasting than store bought, and so simple you can make it in five minutes. My basic recipe for Instant Fruit Sherbet makes a smooth, softly frozen dessert that is ready to serve as soon as it is mixed, no time in the freezer.

The flavors you create using this basic recipe can range from simple strawberry to exotic grapefruit-rose sherbet, and almost any frozen fruit.

The bags of frozen, unsweetened strawberries, peaches, and other fruits found in most supermarkets are the easiest to use. To make the sherbet with fresh fruits, you will need to prepare and freeze them before starting the recipe.

After you have made the sherbet you may want to serve it in a different way. Here are some ideas.

Halve fresh peaches. Fill with a scoop of peach sherbet. Sprinkle with almond macaroon crumbs and garnish with mint leaves.

Layer pineapple and watermelon sherbets in a parfait glass. Garnish with spears of fresh fruit. Instant Fruit Sherbet

1 pound frozen, unsweetened fruit of your choice

6 tablespoons sugar

1 cup milk, buttermilk, or plain yogurt

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 egg

Place ingredients in the bowl of a food processor in the order listed. Process until the mixture is smooth. Spoon into serving dishes.

This sherbet can be placed in a freezer container and kept in the freezer until needed. Yield: 1 quart sherbet.

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