A machine-like approach to a swayless backswing

Imagine you are a simple machine. On the backswing a pushrod moving straight back engages the teeth of a horizontal wheel (the hips) and turns it. This turn tightens a spring.

On the downswing the spring smoothly releases. The wheel (the hips) in turning back sends the pushrod (the swing) straight forward.

This feeling of a backward motion which ''engages'' the hips and turns them, then on the downswing releases a force that sends the swing and the ball straight forward has helped many golfers to overcome the fatal habit of swaying on the backswing. It also adds power.

Even the nonmechanical may find this machine-feel valuable. But if not they could do well to make their main feeling on the backswing simply a turn, the hips turning round to the right with the shoulders following. Then on the downswing the hips feel as if starting straight back to the left, the shoulders once again following.

Round on the backswing. Forward on the throughswing. Let it become mechanical.

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