Training young helpers on household appliances

As the number of two-career families increases, more children are expected to handle household chores. But busy parents don't always take the time to train their children in the correct, safe, and energy-efficient use of kitchen and laundry appliances.

To meet this need, Whirlpool began in 1982 to offer a series of publications that parents or teachers can use to teach youngsters these basic household skills.

Two bilingual (English and Spanish) coloring books introduce children in the 5-to-9 age group to the basics of home safety, energy conservation, appliance design, and facts about gas and electricity.

A recent booklet for older children (9 to 13), called ''Laundry Tips for Kids ,'' takes youngsters through the entire laundry process with step-by-step pictures.

''Color Me Safe'' is a coloring book designed to introduce children ages 5 to 9 to the basics of home safety. It provides information about electricity and gives a general understanding of safe practices in using home appliances. The text is in both English and Spanish.

Another booklet will soon be available on the use of cooking ranges.

A single copy of each of these publications is available free by writing to Appliance Information Service, Whirlpool Corporation, Administrative Center, Benton Harbor, Mich. 49022. The booklets are also available free to classroom teachers and leaders of special community programs for children whose parents work. Allow four to six weeks for requests to be filled.

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