What children say - about mom

We saved for Mother's Day, celebrated on May 13 in the United States, these last certificate recipients from The Home Forum's ''what children say'' competition.

After we moved, our five-year-old son came into our almost empty house and smelled the newly baked bread. ''Where Mama is it's home.'' - Mrs. Vere Richards, Lacey, Wash.

Jonathan, 3, turned to his mother after repeated attempts to tie his own shoes. ''Help me, Obi-Wan-Kenobi, you're my only hope!'' - Laurel Terry, Carson City, Nev.

Amy, 2, was asked what time it was. ''The little hand is down at the bottom with its mama.'' - Mrs. Hallam E. Mendenhall, Ocean City, N.J.

Justin, 3, climbed on his mother's lap and started hugging her as she was busy reading a copy of this newspaper. ''Can I bother you, Mom, just a little, not too much?'' - Veronica C. Meneses-Swift, Wellesley, Mass.

As the four of us stood near the Washington Monument, the youngest, Seth, 5, said, ''Mom, do you feel smaller than usual?'' - Randolph Dingwell, Sykesville, Md.

Elizabeth, 3, was asked how things went when a family acquaintance babysat. ''She talked just like a mother. She said, 'Settle down and be quiet.' '' - Mrs. W. E. Allan, Howey, Fla.

''When does counting end?'' asked the four-year-old. ''I guess never.'' ''Mommy, I do love you to the end of the counting!'' - Norma Jones, Aurora, Colo.

Davey, 3, had a question. ''But, Mama, what do you call a daddy ladybug?'' - Marion Gore, Bainbridge Island, Wash.

Giuliana, 4, lasted through the night in one place. ''Mummy, last night I woke up and wanted to go to your bed, but I just ignored myself and stayed.'' - Marilyn Cerutti, Gates Mills, Ohio

Said six-year-old Philip: ''Mama, I have an extra lot of love, if you ever need any.'' - Mary Potter, Hayward, Calif.

After several refusals, the four-year-old saw his mother checking the chocolate chip cookie recipe once more and heaved a sigh. ''Does it say it's time for your little boy to have a taste now?'' - Sarah C. Nelson, Santa Rosa, Calif.

''We'd like to see more of you,'' my departing friends called. With a puzzled look, my three-year-old son asked, ''Mommy, is there more of you?'' - Free Cammann, Fayetteville, Ariz.

John was in tears after being reproved. ''I love you all day, Mommie!'' - Elizabeth Monroe Griffin, Bethesda, Md.

David, 4, had a new feat to show after being told mothers have eyes in the backs of their heads. ''Watch what I can do, Mom. Watch me with your main eyes.'' - Mrs. E. L. Liddle, Southfield, Mich.

Grant, 5, after asking the names of several gaudily advertised movies, grabbed his mother's belt to keep her from going somewhere. ''Hold back the dawn!'' - Mabel F. Greapentrog, Deerfield Beach, Fla.

Four-year-old to two-year-old: ''I love to see footprints in the snow, because then I know that little children have been having fun with their Mummie and Daddie.'' - Helen D. Haskins, Bath, Maine

Peter, dirty from playing, was asked to wash and change his shirt before dinner. ''Mom, should I wash for short or long sleeves?'' - Barbara T. Hodge, Sun City Center, Fla.

Dennis, 7, watched a roast being taken from the oven. ''Mama, I don't want any meat for supper; I'm not in the mood for a burnt offering.'' - Dennis H. and Stephanie Palmer, St. Louis

Mother apologized for getting so busy she forgot to bring a towel to her four-year-old daughter in the bath. ''That's OK, Mamma, I drained dried.'' - Mrs. Dana Austin, Parsons, Kan.

JoAnne, 5, said: ''Mom, where'd you get Dad? Did you just look around and say, 'I'll take him?' '' - Gay Dyck, Omaha, Neb.

Five-year-old Shelley said: ''Mom, even if there wasn't the word 'love,' I'd love you.'' - Marilee Robertson, Reno, Nev.

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