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Zanzibar-mainland stress eases with an appointment

Tensions between mainland Tanzania and the island of Zanzibar appear to have lessened with Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere's appointment of Salim Ahmed Salim as prime minister of the united nation, Monitor contributor John Worrall reports.

Mr. Salim, a well-known advocate of the third world when he served in the United Nations, is from Zanzibar and is a staunch supporter of Zanzibar's ties with the mainland.

There has long been a movement in Zanzibar that favored a break from the mainland. Tensions had been especially high in the past few months.

Mr. Nyerere also appointed Zanzibar's President, Hassan Ali Mwinyi, to be vice-president of the nation. Mr. Mwinyi was elected Zanzibar president after Aboud Jumbe, who favored a break with the mainland, resigned the post.

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