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Sudan orders martial law for 'threats' inside and out

Sudanese President Jaafar Nimeiri imposed martial law and an indefinite state of emergency in Africa's largest country. He cited a growing threat from enemies of his government ''both inside the country and abroad.''

Mr. Nimeiri said Sunday he imposed the emergency measures to combat labor unrest, corruption, opposition to Islamic law, and rebel uprisings in the south.

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi has said Libya has formed an alliance with the southern guerrillas ''to liberate Sudan inch by inch.''

Nimeiri has survived more than 20 attempted coups since he took power in 1969 , some of which he has blamed on Libya.

Nimeiri issued decrees giving the government the power to search private homes, censor and confiscate mail, and impose curfews, the state-run Sudan News Agency said. He also banned strikes, public gatherings, demonstrations, and the possession of black-market goods.

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