'Entrepreneurial ideas'

OUR last ''Entrepreneurial ideas'' (Dec. 20) reminded several other readers of goods or services they would like to see developed for the marketplace, perhaps by descendants of the gentleman on the facing page. Herewith a sampling:

An updated ''stamp pad'' device, maybe a wallet-size card, that could ''instant copy'' newspaper items or other printed material - without clipping - onto a blank piece of paper. Suggested by J. Quentin Ochs of Whiting, N.J.

Vehicle signals to tell a neighboring motorist that his blinkers are on, does he really mean it? Or that a coat is caught in the door; a tire is low or wheel wobbly; lights are blinding; liquid is leaking or something else looks unsafe. The signals could be electronic or flash-card style and ''ideally in an internationally accepted code,'' writes Evelyn Back of Tampa, Fla.

A space in the handle of electric hand drills to hold the toothed chuck tightener and keep it from dangling or being misplaced. This from Henry Dunseth of Mattapoisett, Mass., whose list includes a simple tester or light to show whether the company telephone line is OK and thus whether a malfunction is in the user's own equipment; plus an extra-fee option to have the cable-TV line double as a phone line in emergencies.

A store to serve travelers by offering four floors of merchandise - one for each season - available all year. From Carolyn Hill of San Jose, Calif., who also suggests a restaurant offering small, medium, and large portions with prices to match.

Mufflers or silencers for all power machinery, from jack hammers to dentists' drills. Requested by Catherine R. Williams of Levittown, N.Y.

A dishwasher designed like a china cabinet that displays dishes after washing and drying so that they don't have to be unloaded until the next meal. From Richard Tice of Kansas City, Mo.

Furniture suspended from the ceiling so pieces would not need to be moved for cleaning floors and carpets. ''Lazily yours,'' says Herberta L. Faithorn of Campbell, Calif.

Built-in tub and shower soap dishes with drain holes in the bottom and sliding covers ''just like a roll-top desk but made out of clear plastic.'' Sent by Paulette deF. Van Vranken of Joppa, Md.

A tabletop FM radio with push-button tuning, as in a car radio, for at least two stations. ''I often switch back and forth,'' says John H. Dougherty of Denver, Colo.

Typing paper for letters, carbon copies, and reports that would eliminate any need for ''weeding files'' by simply disintegrating after a predetermined number of years. Typed on an enduring postcard by Madeline Tomsick of New Orleans.

This closes the Home Forum file on ''Entrepreneurial ideas.'' We're sorry that not every one received could be printed.

Many thanks to all who took the interest to share their thoughts.

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