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Peru gets new a premier in Cabinet shake-up . . .

President Fernando Belaunde Terry replaced his prime minister and accepted the resignations of three other ministers in a Cabinet housecleaning. Mr. Belaunde named a longtime political ally, Sen. Sandro Mariategui, as his new prime minister Tuesday, replacing Fernando Schwalb, who resigned in protest over the President's handling of Peru's worsening economic crisis.

Belaunde was expected to swear in Mr. Mariategui and 13 ministers whose resignations were rejected by the President. In forming his new Cabinet, Belaunde accepted the resignations of the ministers of education, justice, and industry - members of a right-wing party that totally withdrew from the government.

The Cabinet upheaval came amid intensifying social unrest in Peru, where about 60 percent of the work force is unemployed or underemployed - earning below the monthly minimum wage of $45.

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