Fair warning should be issued

That the eye once fed on stronger sights may acquire so sharp a taste for them that what was before a sustaining sweetness of daily scene the circumspect meadow, the penetrable wood, and that mild green curve, pretty as pretty, that opens on to a further foregone prettiness can suddenly - when returned to - O it is asking for trouble, it is! to allow the gaze too much Alp, or Sinai, or Sea unleashed on to a coast of wrecks and birds: And thus (as unwary others have found) risk the arousing of such appetites as may - for their sating - crave more than this mastered globe of ours any longer can yield. And then - where? To what greater heights or spans aspire? It was you (those decades ago) who said after that unmatched feat of yours: ''Perhaps, eventually, it must always come to the last Saharas and Himalayas of the heart - ''

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