Child care in workplace

Corporate child care is growing. In a recent survey made by Beaver College personnel (Glenside, Pa.) and released through the American Management Association, more than 50 percent of the nearly 300 companies studied said they had started programs for this activity within the past five years.

The majority of the respondents said they provided child care at the workplace. But a few companies said they were using alternatives such as referral services, couvhers to pay for nearby day care, or some form of a cooperative program. Results of the study showed that not only large companies felt the need for this employee support: 24 percent providing child care had less than 1,500 employees.

Most company executives achnowledged that his assistance for their employees helped in the long run to set up and keep a stable work force; and that contrary to the former outllok, corporate child care in some form would remain a necessary employee benefit.

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