Jazz Festival sizzles; Bobby Short sparkles; 'Coppelia' wobbles; 'Me and Julie'

In the midst of all this white-hot jazz, a note of chic urbanity is being struck at the Wilbur - Bobby Short and Julie Wilson in their revue, ''Me and Julie.''

Singly and together, the two veteran performers of New York club fame sing a blitz of songs from the Gershwins, Harold Arlen, Fats Waller, and Stephen Sondheim.

Miss Wilson, gowned in shimmering silver, combines elegance and a farm-girl naturalness as she weaves songs into autobiographical patter. Mr. Short is, as always, suave and wry, but at times seems a bit bored.

The second-act curtain rises on a classy art deco apartment - an appropriate background for their all-Porter set. Though his voice is hoarse, hers brassy, their command of that whole genre of witty and wistful material is sure. Those with fond memories of those songs clearly had an enjoyable time. (Closes Sunday.)

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