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Computer technicians quit in Salavador vote row

A dispute involving a computer official Monday contributed to a delay in the first results of El Salvador's presidential elections. Chief computer consultant Morgan Bojorgues, an American, resigned and six computer technicians walked out in sympathy after a row. A spokesman for the country's Central Electoral Council said Bojorgues had resigned in protest over suggestions that he was unreliable and favored the extreme right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) Party of Roberto D'Aubuisson.

US Ambassador to El Salvador Thomas Pickering said Sunday night the United States would accept any president chosen by the Salvadorean people. ''We will accept any government,'' he said at a press conference. ''It is not our intention to make aid conditional on the composition of a new government.''

US officials in the past have expressed deep reservations about Mr. D'Aubuisson.

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