Cars are Volvo's business, but not its only business

So you thought Volvo was only a Swedish carmaker! Did you know that Volvo is also in the oil business, sports, and food? Felix brand, for example, is the No. 1 ketchup in Austria, even though back in Sweden it trails Heinz. Felix is made by Volvo.

Closer to home, Volvo markets Abba-brand caviar (squeeze it out of a tube) in the United States, as well as Ramloosa-brand mineral water from Sweden.

Further, the Scandinavian Trading Corporation, in which Volvo is a participant, had $2 billion in oil sales in the United States in 1982 through a 25 percent interest in Hamilton Brothers, a Denver oil distributor.

Meanwhile, Volvo sold 86,000 new cars in the US in 1983 and looks for 100,000 this year.

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