Mickey Mouse follows the sun to a Magic Kingdom in southern Europe

Mickey Mouse is coming to Europe and is likely to make either Spain or the south of France his head-quarters. Europe's first Disney-land will be operating by 1990 and is expected to cost

The British are somewhat miffed that Mickey Mouse has not chosen Britain as his base. But it was the weather that turned the eyes of Disney Corporation executives toward southern Europe.

Assured sunshine has been one of the attractions of Disneyland, opened in Los Angeles in 1955, and of Disney World, in business in Florida for more than a decade.

Disneyland (Europe) will be the second such project outside America, following the success of a Disney theme park in Tokyo.

Since Western Europe has a complex network of holiday arrangements, including a highly developed package vacation industry, Europe's Disneyland seems certain to prove a lively spot for holidaymakers.

Disney Corporation executives note that a high proportion of Europeans traveling to California or Florida regard an encounter with Mickey Mouse and his friends as not to be missed.

They say that Americans wanting to make acquaintance with the world of Disney on European soil are unlikely to be turned away.

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