A sweet but slight new comedy in the old theatrical style

Getting Along Famously Comedy by Michael Jacobs. Directed by Joan Darling. ''Getting Along Famously'' is a slight but engaging reminder of those bygone days when comedies strove to be good-natured, good-humored, and funny.

The plot concerns Harry Leeby (Ted Flicker), a writer of thrillers in the James Bond manner who yearns to create a literary classic. In his 17th novel, Harry kills off the sleuth who has brought him megabucks but not artistic satisfaction. The fatal decision dismays his manic agent (Tom Aldredge) and the self-infatuated star (Edward Power) who has made a career as the film persona of the heretofore indestructible private eye.

The moral of Michael Jacobs's predictable anecdote is that a spinner of pop suspense yarns should stick to his spinning wheel.

The script scatters show-biz jokes, Brooklyn jokes, one-liners, and wildly farcical situations - all handled with brisk comic brio under Joan Darling's direction. Ted Flicker contributes a droll performance as the classic-smitten hack, while Beverly Nero is fetchingly sweet as his sweetly fetching daughter.

The posh production was designed by James Leonard Joy (scenery), Mariann Verheyen (costumes), and Phil Monat (lighting).

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