Intrastate cuts in phone fees spawn growing use of 800 calls

More and more companies - both large and small - are reaching out, just as the song says, through the use of the telephone. Only this time, it's to get more customers.

Using toll-free ''800'' call-back numbers, in suburban areas and even in cities distant from home base, has become a growing way to seek out added sales. One reason for this has been the reduction in phone company charges for intrastate toll-free service. In populous California, the access charge for each line within the state boundaries has been reduced to $20 a month.

The biggest users of the new and less expensive service are sellers of entertainment tickets, proprietors of reservation lodging, and scheduled transportation companies. Phone customers - who may have mislaid the toll-free number of a certain company and are seeking its 800 number can dial 800-555-1212 , no charge.

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