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Ex-envoy to El Salvador testifies on killing charge

Robert White, former US envoy to El Salvador, told Congress Monday the administration has covered up evidence that Roberto d'Aubuisson, a leading right-wing candidate in next month's elections in El Salvador, ordered the execution of a popular Roman Catholic bishop. The State Department last week denied any cover-up.

''From the first days in office, the Reagan White House knew, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Roberto d'Aubuisson planned and ordered the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero,'' Mr. White told two House subcommittees in sworn testimony.

''According to an eyewitness account,'' White testified, ''Roberto d'Aubuisson summoned a group of about 12 men to a safe house, presided over the meeting, announced the decision to assassinate the archbishop, and supervised the drawing of lots for the 'honor' of carrying out the plot.''

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