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Agca names a mob figure in Turkish editor's murder

Turkish investigators looking into the murder of a Turkish newspaper editor by Mehmet Ali Agca have evidence indicating that Abuzer Ugurlu, reputedly a leading godfather of the Turkish Mafia, was the chief instigator of that plot, Monitor contributor Sam Cohen writes. The investigators questioned Agca in prison in Rome, where he is serving a life sentence for attempting to kill Pope John Paul II.

Agca told investigators that Mr. Ugurlu provided arms and money to murder Abdi Ipekci, editor of the influential daily Milliyet, in February of 1979. Agca's testimony is included in an indictment just released by the prosecutor of a military court that will soon begin the trial of 11 suspects in Mr. Ipekci's murder. The prosecutor is asking the death sentence for three of them, including Ugurlu.

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