'Passione' nibbles; 'Awake' blinks; Rampal; and Stray Cats; Exhibit on hunger

''I knew there was hunger in the world, but it's a lot more graphic, a lot more clear (with this exhibit) than if you read about it.'' So says Tarquin Szekeley, a 13-year-old who recently viewed a special exhibit about world hunger on display at the Boston Museum of Science (through Jan. 22).

''Someone Like Me,'' a multimedia exhibit produced by Save the Children (a relief organization) and Teachers College, Columbia University, is a gentle introduction for children to what Tarquin discribes as ''an important problem that needs to be shown.''

Some of the images may be unpleasant, but overall the tone is balanced and positive.

Included in the exhibit: a 15-minute film produced by UNICEF that sheds light on the lives of children in underdeveloped countries; Eachone Reachone, a noncompetitive computer game that helps children learn about world hunger; Walk a Mile in My Shoes, a display that allows children to simulate chores (such as fetching water) done by children in developing countries.

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