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Castro scores US in speech marking Cuban revolution

In a speech celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Cuban revolution, President Fidel Castro Monday accused the Reagan administration of policies he described as ''warlike, adventurous and irresponsible.''

Speaking from the same balcony in Santiago de Cuba from which he spoke a quarter of a century ago, Castro said, ''Neither can Cuba export revolution nor can the US prevent it.''

AT&T divestiture ends phone service monopolyWashington

American Telephone & Telegraph, the world's largest private company, was formally broken up Jan. 1 into eight separate units, ending AT&T's 107-year monopoly of the nation's phone system.

The new companies consist of a smaller AT&T and seven regional holding companies formed from the 22 operating firms that actually provide local phone service. AT&T's $153 billion holdings, including plant, equipment, and more than 180 million telephones, were reshuffled among the eight companies, as were nearly 1 million workers.

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