Italy responds to Soviets as missile parts arrive

Italy's Defense Ministry said Sunday parts for new US cruise nuclear missiles had arrived in Sicily, a day after Prime Minister Bettino Craxi received a Soviet message the Italian media described as threatening.

In a personal message to Craxi, Soviet leader Yuri Andropov said Italy's decision to go ahead with deployment was a conscious move to heighten nuclear tension and added that it could only be concluded Italy did not care to keep good relations.

In response, Craxi said: ''Good relations should not be confused with acquiescence in the face of any form of intimidation. Peace cannot be confused with . . . subjugation.''

Meanwhile, the Yugoslav daily Politika said that Soviet countermeasures to NATO missile plans might mean the eventual installation of Soviet nuclear rockets in Bulgaria. It was the first suggestion the Kremlin might widen its counterdeployment plans beyond East Germany and Czechosolovakia.

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