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Fighting breaks out again between factions of PLO

Dissident Palestinians launched an offensive against Yasser Arafat loyalists Tuesday, breaking into parts of the loyalists' last stronghold at the Baddawi refugee camp. State-run Beirut radio said it expected Baddawi to fall to an armored column advancing from the north.

Each side accused the other of starting the fighting, which marked the end of a cease-fire called Nov. 9.

Fighting also hit central Tripoli, where at least 10 people were killed by shell and rocket fire. Loyalists based at Tripoli's port responded to the Syrian-backed attack with Soviet-made Grad rockets.

Meanwhile, US jets Tuesday streaked over Beirut and the adjacent hills, and artillery pounded the capital and the waterfront near US 6th Fleet ships. The renewed violence followed the postponement of a Syrian-Lebanese summit, put off after Syrian President Hafez Assad was hospitalized for surgery Sunday.

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