Quotable quotes

Kicker Chris Bahr of the Los Angeles Raiders: ''Placekickers are like used cars; no one notices you until you break down.'' Stu Inman, general manager of the Portland Trail Blazers, on his impressions of basketball in the Italian League: ''The Italian players shoot the eyes out of the basket. In the art of pure shooting, I'd rate (the league) about even with the NBA - not in scoring, not in putting the ball to the floor, but in pure shooting.''

Driver Rick Mears defending the fuel usage in auto racing: ''Indy cars don't use gas, they use alcohol - and there's plenty of that floating around. Some forms of racing use gas, but what's the difference between the amount of gas used in racing and the amount used by three million people to drive to Dodger games in Los Angeles each year?''

Asked how many points basketball's Dallas Mavericks would allow Utah's high-scoring Adrian Dantley, assistant coach Bob Weiss replied: ''We don't allow him any, but he gets a lot anyway.''

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