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Greyhound says some service to resume this week

Greyhound Lines Inc., which plans to resume limited bus services on its busiest routes by Thursday, is offering striking employees a hard choice between returning to work with a 9.5 percent wage cut and benefits concessions, or forfeiting their jobs. The company said it expects ''hundreds'' of striking employees to return to join newly hired replacements. It hopes to have 20-25 percent of its buses operating by Thanksgiving.

A spokesman for the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), which represents 12,000 employees who struck Greyhound on Nov. 3, said its members would not be ''coerced'' into accepting contract proposals they said would lower the average driver's annual wage and benefits package from $35,744 to $29,578.

''This is psychological warfare,'' an ATU official said here, while another official in Los Angeles warned, ''If Greyhound goes ahead with this, there's going to be violence.''

Greyhound said several hundred strikers crossed picket lines last week and that more than 50,000 people had filed applications for jobs as replacements. No talks are expected until the bus lines' plans to resume operations have been tested.

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