W. Germany sets new UN tone

To mark the 10th anniversary of his nation's membership in the United Nations , West German President Karl Carstens sent the world a highly moral and philosophical message.

His speech contrasted sharply with the rhetorical mediocrity UN listeners are used to. Observers here said it also symbolized that, beyond standing rehabilitated, West Germany again occupies a leading place in the world community.

Carstens quoted from German philosopher Immanuel Kant and alluded to the bitter lessons Germany learned from two world wars, to explain his country's deep commitment to peace.

He paid a vibrant homage to the United Nations and said that the ''UN must play a major role in the elaboration of new rules of international conduct.''

He came out in favor of ''tolerance among nations.'' He favored a constructive dialogue between the East and the West, the North and the South.

He said that West Germany attaches great importance to continuing peaceful coopera-tion with the countries of Eastern Europe. He said he believes that someday the German nation will regain its unity ''through free self-determination.'' West Germany strives for arms control and disarmament, he added, and believes that confidence-building measures can help dispel mutual suspicions.

''We see peace as the basis for the well-being of every nation,'' Carstens said. ''We have chosen the path of reconciliation and mutual understanding.''

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