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Warring factions invited to peace talks in Lebanon

President Amin Gemayel invited warring Christian and Moslem leaders Monday to peace talks next week. Mr. Gemayel was expected to announce by today whether the factions will agree to convene for the talks at the presidential palace in the Beirut suburb of Baabda, a senior US official said. Wrangling over the venue has delayed the conference for two weeks. Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, had previously been suggested, but Syria opposed it. Syria reportedly does not object to talks in Baabda.

Gemayel also issued formal requests to Italy and Greece to send 600 to 800 observers to Lebanon to monitor the cease-fire.

Meanwhile, antigovernment Druze Muslim militiamen pounded the pivotal Shouf mountain village of Souk al Gharb with shells and rockets, police said. On Sunday two US Marines were slightly wounded and an American helicopter was hit by gunfire near Beirut airport, the marines reported.

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