As Massachusetts goes . . .

It is still not generally known that George McGovern is running for president again. In fact, it is not generally known today who George McGovern is.

For the benefit of those who are vague as to his identity, he was the candidate from South Dakota who in 1972 lost the presidential election by the biggest margin in United States history.

If some people don't know where South Dakota is, it is the state east of the location of Custer's last stand in 1876. It was also the location of McGovern's last stand in 1980 when the state refused to send him back to the Senate. This gave him a lot of spare time, which may have led to the idea of running for president.

His chances are considered good. Compared with Harold Stassen, that is, who is also running again.

Furthermore, since 1972 more and more obscure people are becoming president. Not knowing a person too well seems to help.

Back in the 1950s when the movie ''Bedtime for Bonzo'' came out, nobody would have guessed that a member of the cast would become president. And if anyone had guessed, he surely would have guessed wrong. According to the reviews at the time, Bonzo had the most going for him in the way of success.

George McGovern's platform of ''New Realism'' is puzzling because realism couldn't be farther from today's world. Just spend a day watching television and this fact looms larger than a gold front tooth.

McGovern advocates getting closer to Cuba. Actually a lot of Florida flights go there as it is. Still, he is sure to pick up votes from some of the nuclear protest groups in New England. And with Teddy Kennedy out of the running it is entirely within the realm of possibility that he will carry Massachusetts again.

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