Fast-paced mystery plus computer terms, Bug Scanner and the Computer Mystery , by Walter Olesky, illustrated by Anthony Accardo. New York: Walker & Co. 95 pp. $8.95. Ages 8-10.

This zippy little mystery packs a lot of action into a rainy autumn afternoon. When an ultrasecret microchip disappears from his mother's computer lab in their home, Bug Scanner decides to track down the culprits himself.

Bug (who got his nickname from his fascination with computers) and his dog, Print (also a computer term), go on a wild chase to a warehouse, the cemetery, and an abandoned castle in pursuit of the thieves, who are, of course, Soviet spies.

Finally, there's a frantic race to the airport in a police car to stop the spies from leaving the country. The spies are caught, the chip is recovered (albeit in Print's tummy), and Bug gets home in time for supper.

Walter Olesky's mystery moves at a fast pace, and Anthony Accardo's excellent drawings capture the action and feel of the story.

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