The Home Forum Competition

A new competition is coming. Meanwhile, add these awards to those announced yesterday for weather reports in the style of familiar authors:

. . . I could see the black look of one huge thunderhead and how it looked like a water holder and how it moved heavily in front of the ones that were strung out behind in that steady roll; and how then as though it had broken loose it drew ahead and I could see that it would rain and then it did and I was walking back to the studio to say that I was all wet.

Hemingway/Margaret W. Nelson Boxford, Mass.

I wonder do you feel today a touch of ozone? Declining barometric pressure? A retreating high? So do I, but it won't spoil our rendezvous, will it?

Browning/Cynthia Turcotte Gardiner, Maine This is my forecast for tomorrow - I tell it with regret - The awful news I must impart: It's going to be wet! My outlook is supported By meteorology, But as you run through raindrops, You'll blame it all on me!

Emily Dickinson/Mary C. Armstrong, Waco, Texas

Fiddle dee dee! All that really matters is if it's a good day for a barbecue. As for tomorrow's weather, I'll talk about that tomorrow. Because, after all, tomorrow is another day.

Margaret Mitchell/Jeannine Brix Santa Monica, Calif. one last juicy drop plop! caught by a salal leaf polished by other drops finer than this last. Will the evening be clear? Will a steady rain of moonlight burnish this leaf, each leaf?

H. D./Marcia Hadjimarkos Iowa City, Iowa

''Rain,'' said Eeyore. ''But the sun's shining,'' said Pooh. ''A cloud. In the West,'' said Eeyore. ''At tea time. It always rains at tea time,'' said Eeyore. ''I'll wear my boots,'' said Christopher Robin, ''and splash around.'' ''If it's a real cloud and not bees,'' said Eeyore. ''Which I doubt,'' said Eeyore.

Milne/Mildred and Mary Raitt Washington D. C. . . . And does not hope find its rainbow when the nation's citizens, confronted with worn-out windshield wipers, turning freeways into footpaths, move with single-minded determination to: ''Come in out of the rain!''

Dreiser/Carol P. Fetzer Rochester, Mich.

Magritte/Jesse Fitzgerald Boston Wintriest of days will make its bow (The barometer's falling even now), And all about the countryside Travelers will take an icy ride. Lo, of the storms upon my chart Ours are not worst, so do take heart. Our region will be slightly kissed By blizzards, but be nearly missed. I'm truly glad I can presume You'll stay within your toasty room Since 'twould be folly then to go To see the cherry hung with snow.

A. E. Housman/Irene Rose Gray Lincoln, Neb.

I'm Robert Benchley, stepping in for Dick Smith who . . . is under the weather. Now I don't know whether this is the weather map or a picture of a dirty tablecloth, because it's taken from . . . ah, 8,000 miles above Cincinnati , and you can't get a good focus from up there. . . . This funny doughnut over us seems to be a. . . (What?) Oh, a hurricane. . . .

Robert Benchley/Charles Getts San Diego Not all the myriad deaths Of yesteryear Shall halt the rising sun That gilded chariot drawn By velvet-shod steeds. Temperature: Mellow and warm as the heart Of a pomegranate; Humidity high, Deep as a sigh. . . . Clearing toward dusk: Only the ghost of the drowned Wind will ruffle the pale Silence tinged with gold. Tomorrow will be fair As a swan-white maiden's hair.

Edith Sitwell/John Robert Quinn Dayton, Ohio

Elemental, my dear Watson, elemental!

Arthur Conan Doyle/ Andre Welman St. Paul, Minn.

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