Spain warns Nicaragua over ETA

Spain has threatened to end economic aid to Nicaragua over charges that Spanish Basque terrorists were involved in an attempt to kill Nicaraguan rebel leader Eden Pastora Gomez, Monitor contributor Ana Martinez-Soler reports.

''If it is demonstrated that the Nicaraguan government is implicated in the plot against Eden Pastora with the participation of (the Basque terrorist group) ETA,'' Spanish Foreign Minister Fernando Moran warned, ''then we will bring out all the consequences.''

Spain is also investigating allegations that Basque terrorists were involved in a plan to destabilize the government of Costa Rica. Spanish and Costa Rican police have been working closely on a search for ETA links to any such plot and to Nicaragua's Sandinista government. This led to the arrest last week in Costa Rica of ETA member Gregorio Jimenez Morales and other alleged ETA guerrillas.

Foreign Minister Moran said he plans to discuss the matter with Nicaraguan Interior Minister Tomas Borge, who is in Spain on a private visit.

Mr. Borge has denied that his government supports Basque terrorists. ''It would be unthinkable for us to provoke a confrontation with Spain,'' he said in Barcelona late Monday, ''when we are so in need of European support and appreciate the friendship demonstrated by Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez.'' In July the Spanish government extended in July a line of credit to Nicaragua for 6 billion pesetas ($40 million).

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