Kaufman tests, 'comparable worth'

The first new individually administered test of intelligence and achievement to be developed in over a generation will be in use throughout the country for the first time this fall. The Kaufman Assessment Battery for children was developed by the husband-and-wife team of Dr. Alan S. Kaufman and Dr. Nadeen Kaufman in answer to criticism of intelligence testing, including the minority community's concern over the effect of school and cultural environment on test scores. Scores for white and minority groups on the intelligence scales were substantially closer on the Kaufman battery than scores reported for those groups on other intelligence tests.

Merit pay has competition. The Los Angeles Board of Educaton is revising its wage scale using a ''comparable worth'' policy. In the city district the 71 percent of teachers, 90 percent of classroom aides, and 93 percent of office workers who are women often have wage scales lower than those in male-dominated crafts and labor classifications. The board has approved a plan to identify and upgrade the salaries of employees in the underpaid classifications, though members acknowledge that lack of funds will slow the effort.

Nearly 75 graduate schools from America's leading colleges and universities hold annual forums in major cities in the United States to help those seeking information about a Master of Business Administration degree. Representatives of these schools are on hand to answer questions about programs that are offered, admission requirements, and tuition costs. This year's forums will be held in San Francisco, Oct. 7-8; Houston, Oct. 14-15; New York City, Oct. 28-29; Boston, Nov. 4-5; and Chicago, Nov. 11-12. For more information, call 800-221-1784 (in New Jersey 609-734-1539).

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