Monitor domestic policy series begins today

Today the Monitor begins a series of articles timed to coincide with a number of public debates held around the country under the sponsorship of the Domestic Policy Association.

The DPA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group that encourages discussion of public issues, explores alternatives for solving problems, and aims to identify common ground. Its members range from libraries and colleges to museums, service clubs, and community organizations.

Many member groups participate each fall in the DPA's National Issues Forum, sponsoring discussions on three selected topics. (Those wishing to participate in forum events should write to Dr. Jon Rye Kinghorn, Domestic Policy Association, 5335 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45429, or call (513) 434-7300 for information on activities in their area.)

Monitor stories provide background information for discussions in the National Issues Forum. This year's topics are ''Priorities for the Nation's Schools,'' ''Nuclear Arms and National Security,'' and ''The Deficit and the Federal Budget.'' The first of the three articles on these subjects appears today on Pages 12-13. The next two will be published on Sept. 22 and 29.

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