Urban future for condo resorts?

Condominium resorts may be the bedroom communities of the future. In spite of the temporary glut of condos in many vacation areas of the United States, these alluring spots may become the small bigger-cities of the future.

That's the prediction of the national Monthly Condominium Executive Report, a periodical reporting on condominium conditions for business executives.

Because of pleasant weather in these water-oriented or sun-country or ski-territory areas, more and more of today's (and tomorrow's) population, the report says, will be turning to permanent living in condo resorts. Typical would be condo properties in Vail, Colo., (for work in Denver) or Park City, Utah, (for Salt Lake City workers) or Sun City, Ariz., (for work at Tempe) or Mammoth Mountain, Calif., (for work in San Bernadino). Surveys indicate the attraction to these properties is due to leisure-living aspects, growing instant-communication business networks and the advantages offered by the computerized workplace.

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