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Pop-Rock Jill Kroesen: ''Stop Vicious Cycles.'' (Lovely Music VR 1501.) On the first side Kroesen rocks, rolls, wails, and whines her way through six songs with spunky, sometimes bizarre arrangements by Peter Gordon and Kroesen. The mood is now romantic, now introspective, now rollicking, with titles like ''Honey, You're So Mean'' and ''I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here,'' not to mention the thought-provoking ''I'm Sorry I'm Such a Weenie.'' The second side is contemplative, with only three numbers, including one called ''Alexander the Great'' and another called ''I'm Just a Human Being.'' Sample lyric: ''Then I moved to New York, but in this real world you need cushions and a vast network of insulations or you'll turn to dust.'' Rock has sure come a long way since Danny and the Juniors. And the unpredictable Kroesen is in the front lines with this splendidly eccentric, always listenable disc.

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