Alleged Phillipine assassin was framed, paper says

The Sunday Times of London charged that Philippine opposition leader Benigno Aquino was killed in a plot conducted with ''military precision'' that made a former member of President Ferdinand Marcos's security guard appear to be the assassin. ''The evidence weighs heavily against Marcos' claim of innocence,'' the Times said.

The newspaper said its investigation had identified the alleged assassin as Rolando Vizcarra, a former member of the special security command that guards President Marcos and his wife, Imelda. Mr. Vizcarra, the Times said, was shot on the scene by other military guards, but could not have killed Mr. Aquino.

Meanwhile, relatives of Aquino have decided not to take part in a special judicial commission investigating the assassination. Marcos has appointed a five-man commission of Supreme Court justices to investigate the death, but the commission chairman, Chief Justice Enrique Fernando, said Monday he might step down, following criticism that the investigators are all Marcos men.

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